about bobby c. says...Tees & Things

Bobby C. Griffin, is a living pioneer and serial entrepreneur in Fresno, California. He has used grit to tackle obstacles and today stands tall and powerful in his battle against prostate cancer. With Bobby C.'s cancer in remission he is living his life to the fullest,

Bobby C. Says....Tees & Things was launched to continue his legacy and inspire, motivate and educate men about the Importance of prostate cancer awareness and treatment. You'll find his insanely funny words of wisdom on his tee shirts, mugs and more. At 80, Bobby C. believes that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself, try something new and realize your dreams.

As Bobby C. would say, “TAKE CARE OF THE MAN IN THE MIRROR!”.  Click the button below to order your tee-shirt  or mug today with this saying, or one of his famous saying below. Part of the proceeds go towards male prostate cancer awareness..

Bobby C. Says… famous sayings:

  • Take Care of The Man In The Mirror!
  • Keep Your Front Up Even If Your Ass Is Draggin!
  • Stay Ready So You Don’t Have to Get Ready!
  • Do Something Until You Can Do Something Better!
  • Don’t Spank Your Ass for What You’ve Done In The Past!
  • It Just Ain’t Necessary!